20 April 2014

Singapore Travel Diary

Happy Easter Everyone!

I have travelled to Singapore countless times throughout my life and been to every nook and cranny of the city. Although it is small compared to Jakarta, there is always something to do in this bustling city. During the past three days, I visited Singapore and wanted to document my trip in today's post through the pictures that I took using my iPhone (sorry in advance for the poor quality)
Anyways, hope that you will also want to visit these places that I did while on your next trip to Singapore! Enjoy!

 I ordered Ippudo's original tonkatsu broth served with thin noodles while my sister ordered the spicy version. (We also had a side order of the spicy pork bun!)

Of course, the first place I had to stop by was a ramen restaurant in Mandarin Gallery called Ippudo. In Jakarta, we have a similar ramen restaurant called Ikkudo, but they are not at all related in anyway. The place is usually crowded during lunch hours, but we were lucky enough to get a table!

 These boyfriend jeans from Zara are so comfortable and easy to wear! One of my favourite closet essentials for day to day wear. Also, the ripped detail gives it extra stylish points!

 Just some of the tourist-y shots that I took while strolling around Orchard Road

 Avocado and Salmon roll (simple but delicious)

We originally wanted to try out a sushi restaurant in ION called ITACHO Sushi, but there was a looong line of people queuing. So, instead, we went to a similar Japanese casual dining restaurant nearby it called Watami. The sushi and sashimi was served very fresh, was not disappointed. Friendly environment, wide varieties of food to try from, and for an affordable price!

 Salmon, Octopus, and Tuna carpaccio with a distinct flavour for each type of sashimi 

 Assorted fusion sushi rolls (salmon, unagi, and tuna)

The next morning, we decided to grab some breakfast in a well known cafe called the Wild Honey. Fortunately, for us, it was right next to the Mandarin hotel we were staying at.
 European Dish which consists of two perfectly poached eggs on sautéed mushrooms and delicious creamy hollandaise sauce! One of my favourites!

 Portobello Road which is similar to the European, except these have wilted spinach and a red pepper and onion confit!

 The Norwegian, poached eggs wrapped in smoked salmon on a bed of crunchy asparagus with softly baked brioche bread. 

 The Sweet Morning, french toast stuffed with grilled mango with vanilla mascarpone and forest berry compote. (Is your mouth watering right now!)

Wild Honey is all about breakfast food, with a large variety to cater both sweet and savoury cravings! I really do recommend this restaurant for everyone because the café was cozy and had a very rustic feel to it, the food was great, and in an affordable price. Again, fortunately for us, Wild Honey was just right beside our hotel in the Mandarin Gallery.

The next place that I visited and love is Haji lane! Not much know about it, it's quite far away from all the shopping centres located nearby Orchard Road.

I love how there is so much colour in just one small alley! All of the shops are unique and are mostly from local brands from Singapore as well.

| Chanel Shoes | Chanel Bag | Topshop Skirt | Zara Top |

On the last day of my short trip, I visited a cat café hidden between the many shops of Clarke Quay called Neko No Niwa. It was a great experience and something that definitely cannot be found in Jakarta! The concept of this cafe is quite unique and the customers are able to interact and play with the cats while enjoying their coffee. These cats were all either abandoned or abused by their previous owners and taken in by the owner of this café. (All for a good cause!)

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30 Maret 2014

Spring Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone!

It feels like in every blog post we seem to always re-use the phrase "Happy Sunday" or 
"Hope everyone had a great weekend". I hope none of you would mind the repetiveness, it's just that we are always super busy in the weekdays with schoolwork. Therefore, we only find the time to shoot or write these blogposts on the weekends! 
Anyways, it was a really sunny day today and we took these pictures on a public road. It was quite awkward for us as there were motorcycles, cars, and passerbys that looked at us in a strange manner. 
I chose to wear my favourite white blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans as it's always a simple yet stylish combination that never fails to impress. I accessorised with a statement necklace from ZARA which I recently bought and am currently obsessing over it.

12 Maret 2014

Sweet Spot

Hi everyone,

Spring is finally here! There has been countless rainfalls and thunderstorms in Jakarta lately. Although it has it's positives (another reason for us to stay in bed in the mornings), it has been creating a lot of delays for blog pictures. Hopefully, the rain would eventually stop soon and we will be able to post more in the future!
For today's post, we have decided to go with light and soft colours as it would be most appropriate for spring time. Recently, pastels can be seen all over the runways of Paris, London, NY, Milan fashion week. So, without further delay, this is how we style pastels for everyday wear.
  Please enjoy!

8 Maret 2014

Back to Black

Happy Sunday everyone!

The past few days were pretty chill for both of us. We had a few days of holiday and decided to squeeze in two photo sessions for the week (one more soon to come in a couple of days). 
     When we shot these pictures, it was scorching hot! The sun was bright and in a matter of minutes       
     (no, seconds actually), we were already sweating. It was such a coincidence that we were both 
     wearing black on the same day. People often tend to wear black and other darker colours for the 
     colder or rainy seasons, but in fact, black can also be worn for spring and summer, especially if     
     you match it with brighter colors. 

17 Februari 2014

All Dolled Up

Hi everyone,  

I attended a friend's sweet 17th birthday this Saturday in Ritz Carlton. The theme was superheroes and I had a very good time! I chose to wear this dress because of the cut out detailing on the front and back, which makes it look simple but interesting at the same time. 
The dress is from Suite Blanco, an affordable shop but they have a variety of nice and stylish dresses. I guess it sort of fits the theme of superheroes because the green reminds me of Green Lantern! 
Have a great weekend everyone, we will be posting again next week!


10 Februari 2014

Night Time Blues

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

First of all, we are terribly sorry for the quite red-ish images. We weren't able to meet up in the afternoon and instead went at night when the lighting wasn't that great. Big thanks to Madeline, who helped out with taking the pictures once again, despite the bad lighting.

31 Januari 2014

When The Wind Blows

Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!

21 Januari 2014

Spring' 14 Trends

Spring is just around the corner and here are my top three favorite trends of this season straight out of the runway! Click "Read More" to read all about it.

3 Januari 2014

Japan Visual Diary

 | Day One: Ginza |
I spent my day exploring the nooks and cranny of Ginza and the things that it has to offer. I would say that the district itself is very luxurious. I believe that it is actually considered as the high fashion center of the city with countless upscale shopping and dining areas. 

1 Januari 2014

Stone Steppin'

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful year ahead. I travelled to Japan over the holidays and while I was there, a good friend of mine, happened to be staying in the same hotel I was in. We spontaneously planned to take pictures for Vogue & Vibes in a beautiful garden we discovered nearby our hotel. It was so much fun and we literally took a hundred pictures.