17 Februari 2014

All Dolled Up

Hi everyone,  

I attended a friend's sweet 17th birthday this Saturday in Ritz Carlton. The theme was superheroes and I had a very good time! I chose to wear this dress because of the cut out detailing on the front and back, which makes it look simple but interesting at the same time. 
The dress is from Suite Blanco, an affordable shop but they have a variety of nice and stylish dresses. I guess it sort of fits the theme of superheroes because the green reminds me of Green Lantern! 
Have a great weekend everyone, we will be posting again next week!


10 Februari 2014

Night Time Blues

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

First of all, we are terribly sorry for the quite red-ish images. We weren't able to meet up in the afternoon and instead went at night when the lighting wasn't that great. Big thanks to Madeline, who helped out with taking the pictures once again, despite the bad lighting.