30 Maret 2014

Spring Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone!

It feels like in every blog post we seem to always re-use the phrase "Happy Sunday" or 
"Hope everyone had a great weekend". I hope none of you would mind the repetiveness, it's just that we are always super busy in the weekdays with schoolwork. Therefore, we only find the time to shoot or write these blogposts on the weekends! 
Anyways, it was a really sunny day today and we took these pictures on a public road. It was quite awkward for us as there were motorcycles, cars, and passerbys that looked at us in a strange manner. 
I chose to wear my favourite white blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans as it's always a simple yet stylish combination that never fails to impress. I accessorised with a statement necklace from ZARA which I recently bought and am currently obsessing over it.

12 Maret 2014

Sweet Spot

Hi everyone,

Spring is finally here! There has been countless rainfalls and thunderstorms in Jakarta lately. Although it has it's positives (another reason for us to stay in bed in the mornings), it has been creating a lot of delays for blog pictures. Hopefully, the rain would eventually stop soon and we will be able to post more in the future!
For today's post, we have decided to go with light and soft colours as it would be most appropriate for spring time. Recently, pastels can be seen all over the runways of Paris, London, NY, Milan fashion week. So, without further delay, this is how we style pastels for everyday wear.
  Please enjoy!

8 Maret 2014

Back to Black

Happy Sunday everyone!

The past few days were pretty chill for both of us. We had a few days of holiday and decided to squeeze in two photo sessions for the week (one more soon to come in a couple of days). 
     When we shot these pictures, it was scorching hot! The sun was bright and in a matter of minutes       
     (no, seconds actually), we were already sweating. It was such a coincidence that we were both 
     wearing black on the same day. People often tend to wear black and other darker colours for the 
     colder or rainy seasons, but in fact, black can also be worn for spring and summer, especially if     
     you match it with brighter colors.