8 Maret 2014

Back to Black

Happy Sunday everyone!

The past few days were pretty chill for both of us. We had a few days of holiday and decided to squeeze in two photo sessions for the week (one more soon to come in a couple of days). 
     When we shot these pictures, it was scorching hot! The sun was bright and in a matter of minutes       
     (no, seconds actually), we were already sweating. It was such a coincidence that we were both 
     wearing black on the same day. People often tend to wear black and other darker colours for the 
     colder or rainy seasons, but in fact, black can also be worn for spring and summer, especially if     
     you match it with brighter colors. 

I'm not a color adverse person, but I did find myself drifting towards this cropped kimono when I bought it. There's something so easy going and simple about it which makes a monochrome outfit look more relaxed. 

| Zara Top | Zara Shorts | Zara Necklace | Kate Spade Bracelets |

| Salvatore Ferragamo Wedges |

| Zara Top | Cotton Ink Kimono | Topshop Pants | 

                               | Lamer Watch | New Look Wedges | Alexander Mcqueen Bag |

We ran out of poses and decided to go for candid photos! 

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                                                                -Alexandra & Michelle-


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