31 Januari 2014

When The Wind Blows

Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!

| Dior Bag | Charlotte Olympia Heels |

| ZARA Necklace |

| Topshop Ring | Valentino Bracelet |

| H&M Sheer Top | Selfridges Skirt | 
(and please don't mind the dirt marks on my leg, they were from sitting on the dusty roof)

Massive thanks to my amazing cousin, Madeline, who helped me take these pictures despite the hot and humid weather today. We went up the rooftop to shoot (did I mention I am terrified of heights?) since it was nice and sunny before it began to rain. Pretty much spent my whole day staying in my grandma's house while munching on her specialty dish, fried radish. What did you guys do for your new years? Hopefully, something fun and productive, unlike mine :P



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