31 Januari 2014

When The Wind Blows

Happy Chinese New Years Everyone!

21 Januari 2014

Spring' 14 Trends

Spring is just around the corner and here are my top three favorite trends of this season straight out of the runway! Click "Read More" to read all about it.

3 Januari 2014

Japan Visual Diary

 | Day One: Ginza |
I spent my day exploring the nooks and cranny of Ginza and the things that it has to offer. I would say that the district itself is very luxurious. I believe that it is actually considered as the high fashion center of the city with countless upscale shopping and dining areas. 

1 Januari 2014

Stone Steppin'

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful year ahead. I travelled to Japan over the holidays and while I was there, a good friend of mine, happened to be staying in the same hotel I was in. We spontaneously planned to take pictures for Vogue & Vibes in a beautiful garden we discovered nearby our hotel. It was so much fun and we literally took a hundred pictures.