29 November 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

| Cropped Topshop shirt | Zara skirt | Prada bag |

| Steve Madden Sneakers |

|  Zara top | Zara leather shorts |

| Isabel Marant Sneakers |

* Featuring Brenda & Alicia *

 | Stardivarius Cropped Top | High Waisted Shorts |

 | Jeffrey Campbell Wedges |

 | Bershka Graphic Tank | Zara Pants |

 | Zara Wedges |

Hi fellow readers,

We are truly sorry for not writing and putting up any blogposts this past week, our time has been immensely consumed with homework + exams! First of all, we would like to give special thanks to our close friends Brenda and Alicia. They were a great help for our after- school shoot today, not to mention with taking the group photos and giving us numerous creative ideas with our poses and the setting as well. 
We are (head over heels)in love with the wedge sneaker trend right now. Both of us showcased our personal styles through the different ways we paired our sneakers. Alexandra paired hers with a girly, yet fun vibe by wearing a cropped graphic tee with a circle skirt. Michelle put together a sporty look by pairing her's with a pair of leather shorts and a minimalistic top. There are a variety of ways to pair these shoes, the best way is to use your own unique style and simply have fun with it! :)

Have a great weekend everyone,
- Michelle & Alexandra-


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