3 Januari 2014

Japan Visual Diary

 | Day One: Ginza |
I spent my day exploring the nooks and cranny of Ginza and the things that it has to offer. I would say that the district itself is very luxurious. I believe that it is actually considered as the high fashion center of the city with countless upscale shopping and dining areas. 

 Three cats left perched on a Ginza road sign where they were photographed and fawned over for hours. I was lucky enough to witness this commotion as they are adorable! 

| Streets of Shinjuku |

 This is the Dover Street Market. Although I did not purchase anything from here, I recommend everyone to visit; the store itself is a total eye candy. They sell many high end clothes and shoes including Comme, Alexander Wang, and so on. 

| Day Five: Osaka |
The garden where Brenda and I shot the previous blogpost. We actually stumbled by the area nearby our hotel while looking for a visually pleasing setting. This place is actually perfect with the red leaves and huge stones. 

| Zara Coat | Topshop Jeans | Topshop Sweater | Topshop Blouse | Alexander McQueen Bag |

| Plaid on Plaid |
A spontaneous outfit of the day (o.o.t.d) that I did not plan to do. I bundled up in layers of clothes since the weather in Japan was below ten degrees or so. I am definitely not used to the cold weather, being born and raised in Indonesia where the weather never drops below 30 degrees. 

| Isabel Marant Sneakers |

 Literally in every supermarket has an area full of packed and ready to eat meals. Makes me to want to try one of everything.

I had a very memorable trip in Japan, till next time! 



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